Pin Up PedicuresSteveAndKim

Pin Up Nail Bar, Las Vegas, NV

Prepare to be pampered in our state of the art spa chair with built-in back massager and new sanitary basin liners. We start you with a relaxing foot soak followed by nail trimming and shaping.  Then we push back the cuticles and trim as needed, then we buff your nails, provide a callus treatment and a relaxing massage followed by hot towels to soothe and pamper your feet. We top it all off with the polish of your choice.

  • Regular Pedicure $28 
  • OPI Pedicure $35
  • Gel Pedicure $48

    Jasmine or Lavender: Soak and Sanitize with fragrance.  Aroma oils will moisturize.  Cleansing leaves will infuse. Gentle massage over feet & legs will sooth tired muscles. Leaves skin moist and protected from UV radiation.
    Pearl: Promotes healthy healing, anti-aging and brightening along with UV protection. The Pearl Powder contains a natural moisturizer that protects the skin and promotes cell renewal for younger, healthier looking skin.
    Onsen: Promotes healing with detoxification through the skin, increasing circulation, reducing aches and softening the skin.
    Chamomile: Soothes stressed and aching muscles. Helps to ease anxiety and stress to relax the body and mind with the natural effects of Chamomile.

    Let the all natural and environmentally friendly Keyano Aromatics inspire a sense of luxury and relaxation while hydrating and soothing your skin.

    Pamper yourself with our Organic soak and sugar scrub, followed by a hydrating marshmallow mask for your legs and a paraffin treatment for your feet.

    Refresh yourself with one of our herbal spas made up of dried herbs and essential oils that are combined in-house, along with paraffin treatment to create a signature cocktail of your choice.

Pin Up Nail Bar, Las Vegas, NV

  • Polish Change: Toes $12 
  • Gel Polish Change: Toes $30 
  • Gel Polish on Top: Toes $20 
  • Rock Star: Toes $5 
  • French Tip: Toes $5 
  • Nail Repair: Toes $3+ 
  • Acrylic/Gel Take Off w/o service: Toes $10 
  • Buff: Toes $5 
  • Nail Art: Toes $5+ 
  • Paraffin: Feet $10